Google Launches Virtual Business Cards – People Cards

By August 15, 2020Google News

Image Source: Google

On 11th August Google announced a new feature that allows individuals to create a knowledge panel-like card that will allow them to highlight their professional experience amongst other things.


What are People Cards?

People cards are a virtual business card that will allow people to highlight themselves on search result pages. The aim of this new service is to allow everyone to be able to showcase their personal information in a true and correct manner and for users to be able to find this information in an easy-to-digest format.

What information can be added on people cards?

People cards will allow people to add a profile image, professional experience, educational experience, location, description, website links and social media profiles.

Who is people cards for?

People cards are for professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, performers or just about anyone who wants to highlight themselves on search results.

How can you add yourself to people cards

Currently, the service has only been rolled out in India with the possibility of a wider roll-out in the near future. When the service is rolled out in your country or region, you can create your people card by signing in to your Google account and then searching for “add me to search”

On the following screen, you can click on “Get Started” to add your information and create a people card for yourself.

How can users access or view your people card

A people card will be visible on the search results page in a knowledge panel-like format if a user searches for your name on Google.

Things you need to know about people cards

  • You can create only one people card per Google account.
  • The people card will be displayed in a modular format with a name, profession and location.
  • If multiple people share the same name then multiple modules will be shown in search results.
  • A people card can be deleted by its owner at any point in time.
  • Phone verification is required to create a people card.
  • Google has put in place a mechanism to take care of abusive, spammy and low-quality content.

Our thoughts about people cards

It will be interesting to see how people cards can be shared with other users if at all, this will essentially allow users to get rid of paper-based business cards.

More information on this new service can be found on Google India’s official blog.

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