PPC Advertising

We offer a tailor made strategy for your Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign in order get you more clicks for your bucks! As the name suggests PPC advertising is a popular model used by Ad publishers to display ads on their network. While Google dominates the PPC advertising domain through its search engines, there are some other companies who have adopted this model to push ads through their advertising network. These companies include Microsoft Bing, Facebook, YouTube (Google Network Company), AOL Platforms and LinkedIn to name a few.

PPC Advertising is a popular advertising strategy within the search engine marketing space where users are shown ads on search engines (Sponsored section) based on their search query. At Websites ‘N’ More we can help you maximise your return in investment (ROI) for your PPC advertising campaign by following a systematic approach from start to end.

Some of the key elements that we focus on during a PPC campaign

Setting up the Campaign Objective

The PPC campaign objective should align with the overall goals of your business. This can be increasing brand awareness, increasing leads, increasing sales, complimenting an offline campaign or increasing the database. The ultimate aim of any PPC campaign is to increase the click through rate (CTR) and reduce the cost per acquisition. With a clear goal in mind we can then move to the next step of designing the overall campaign in order to achieve these goals in the most effective and efficient manner.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Using various tools we create a list of the most likely keywords that your target audience is likely to use while searching for a similar product or service as yours. Based on the cost per click (CPC) and the overall budgets available, we narrow down to a final list of keywords that we can use as a part of the campaign. Adding negative keywords also plays an important role in eliminating the waste thus improving the overall performance of the campaign.

Landing Pages and Content

One of the most important aspect of running a successful PPC campaign is creating landing pages for the campaign. The idea is to provide the user information about your product/service in a clear and concise manner and provide a clear call to action without much distraction. The concepts of user Interface, look & feel, visual hierarchy and user experience come into play while designing and creating content for the landing pages.

Launch and Monitor

Once the campaign is made LIVE we constantly monitor the results and make changes in order to improve reduce CPC and improve the CTR. Some of the steps we undertake to optimise the PPC campaign are adding negative keywords, tweaking the content on the ad itself, monitoring user behaviour and making changes to the landing pages to further improve the performance.


Campaign performance is reported to the client on a monthly basis and feedback is taken in order to make changes to the campaign if needed.

Do you want expert advice for running a PPC campaign? Get in touch and talk to a PPC expert at Websites ‘N’ More.