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The mobile application (app) Industry emerged in 2008 with the launch of Smartphone’s that allowed users to access general work related information such as news, stock prices, weather, email however as the popularity of Smartphone’s increased over time so did the need to create mobile apps that provided more functionality, information and entertainment to the users of these devices.

This saw the emergence of more players entering the Smartphone market thus giving rise to a whole new Industry i.e. mobile application development. This has meant the availability of more sophisticated mobile application development tools that allow for greater flexibility during the application development process resulting in highly functional applications in the areas of banking, social media, fitness, mobile games, GPS enabled tracking for maps and much more.

At Websites ‘N’ More, Sydney we have a dedicated team of app developers who can create Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows apps for a flat fee and support your product throughout its life cycle at competitive rates. Our app developers have the skills and the expertise to create Native apps, Hybrid apps and dedicated Web apps based on your requirements and most importantly the budget.

Some of the key elements we focus on during a mobile app development project


Planning is one of the most important aspects of app development. Our developers adopt a systematic methodology while approaching any app development project and it all starts with planning the project and spend number of hours creating clear and concise documentation that puts forward all the aspects of app from a design and functionality point of view. Having this document created means that all the team members within our app development team and the client are on the same page and have clear set of goals and expectations from the system being created.

Design (UI and UX)

We emphasise more on the design as compared to the coding that powers the app, why? Because the most important piece of the puzzle is the user and if we can’t get the user interface right then this leads to bad user experience thus leading to a higher chance of failure. It is important that we focus on user interface design even before we start coding the app in order to create the best possible user experience. This is done by following a systematic design process that includes, wireframes, design iterations, planning the user-flow, following guidelines of the operating system and involving typical users during the design phase for feedback.

Development (Coding)

Following clear and concise functionality documents a system architecture is created before the code is constructed. We follow well known system architecture best practices that allow us to develop app projects effectively and efficiently. The system architecture forms the basis of the code that needs to be written in order to blow life into the mobile application. In order to maintain high standards of coding, we have follow practices such as pair programming, documentation of code, inserting commentary in code and using project management tools that help to better manage and execute the project within a team of developers.


We undertake Testing, testing and more testing at each stage of the app development process. From testing usability to testing the code and conducting simulated load testing, we perform various checks to ensure the system is free from architectural defects, coding defects and design defects.

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