Web Apps

Mobile web apps are similar to websites i.e. they use a devices browser to display content to the user and are created using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The idea behind Web apps is to create one code that can be viewed across various browsers on different mobile devices using a single URL. The advantage of using this methodology for developing apps is that these are faster and cheaper to build and can allow for a look and feel similar to a Native app.

Websites ‘N’ More have onboard a team of talented app developers who can develop mobile web apps using some of the latest tools and technologies available. We can deliver stunning mobile web apps with an emphasis on user interface (Design first), this ensures that we can achieve the highest levels of user experience. User experience in our opinion is the most important factor for the success or failure of a mobile application.

Some of the key advantages of choosing mobile web app development as your app development methodology

One Code for Different Devices

Mobile web apps don’t need to be coded for each platform separately as they are developed using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript which can be viewed using a standard browsers across various devices.

Cost Effective

Mobile web apps are a cost effective option since the developers don’t need to work on separate platforms. Also if your app does not require access to the core features of the device then mobile web app development is the right methodology for you.

Quicker to Launch and Update

Since Mobile web apps are hosted on a centralised server rather than being on an app store, it is much easier to launch and the app as compared to Native and Hybrid apps which require an approval by the app store before it is available for download to the users. In the case of Mobile web apps it is as simple as uploading the files on a server and launching the app.

Latest Version Availability

For Native and Hybrid apps, it is not necessary that every user is using the latest version of the app however with Mobile web apps all the users are accessing the most latest version of the App as soon as updates are upload on the centralized server.

Some of the key DISadvantages of choosing mobile web app development as your app development methodology

Require a Network Connection

Mobile web apps are stored in a centralised server and require an internet connection for the user to access the data from the server.


Mobile web apps can be a bit slower than Native and hybrid Apps and don’t provide the same level of user experience.

Access to Device Features

Unlike Native and Hybrid apps, Mobile web apps don’t have full access to the devices features.

Cumbersome Testing Process

Each user may be using a different browser therefore it is important to test the usability of the app across various browsers at launch and each time an update is made. This may be a time consuming process for developers.

To sum it up, Mobile web apps are a cost effective solution and can be used to test the waters. But this methodology can only be used if the application does not require access to the core features of the device.

Thinking of developing a Mobile web app? Get in touch with our team app development experts and we can provide some valuable feedback and advice on how to approach the project.