Android Apps

Android was launched in 2007 along with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices. The platform is open to all third party software developers and allows them to build new and innovative applications to further enhance the Android user experience.

The first version of the software was named Alpha and over the years the operating system has gone through some major changes that were both exciting and breathtaking. Websites ‘N’ More has a team of specialist Android developers who possess the knowledge and expertise to design and develop stunning mobile applications based on the Android platform.

Mobile applications can be used for a variety of purposes including automating a business process in order to achieve better efficiencies, to better connect with your existing or potential customers, provide an added service or solve a purpose for a particular target group, whatever your vision might be our team of app designers and Android app developers can work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Our team of Android app developers have the expertise and in-depth knowledge to work within the highly fragmented Android environment, which includes a range of devices utilising different versions of the operating system that are manufactured by a large number of manufacturers around the world. The apps we produce are highly flexible and can work with a large number of devices (screen sizes, resolution and version) utilising the Android operating system.

Why choose Android as a platform to develop a mobile application?

Market Share

Android is the market leader in the smartphone space with a 87% market share in quarter 2 of 2016. Their main target market is price conscious customers from emerging world economies located within Asia and South America.

Revenue Model

Publishers of mobile applications on the Android platform tend to rely on in app Ads to generate revenue as compared to iOS where publishers rely on initial app and in-app purchases for monetising their apps. This reinforces the fact that Apple customers have richer and more affluent customers.

Target Market

According to recent reports the cost of a Apple handset is simply unreachable for the masses within emerging economies such as India, China, Brazil therefore Android has been very successful in capturing these markets. Android is an open source platform that is being used by several leading mobile manufacturers around the world, this means that there is a device to suit every budget.

Deployment and Distribution of Apps

The approval process on the Google Play Store is less cumbersome and time consuming as compared to the iTunes store which means Apps can be deployed and are readily available for download by users on the Google Play store within a few hours. From there on apps can also be updated multiple times a day based on user feedback, this essentially allows developers to fix bugs and further refine their app at a quicker pace.


Developing apps on the Android platform is relatively fast and efficient using the Android Studio (Integrated Development Environment or IDE). The developer can setup an app development project for different Android devices within a matter of seconds and the IDE has some powerful features that allow for more control during the development phase.

More Flexibility and Control

Since Android is an open source software it gives the developers more control over the operating system. This is useful when working in highly customised projects. In some cases Android may be the only option for building an app given the amount flexibility and control it provides.

Android development services we provide include

Native App Development

Our Android app development team have a deep understanding of Android Studio, the official software development kit that is used to develop native apps on the Android platform.

Cross Platform Development

We can also produce apps using tools that allow for multi device development. Using cross platform tools while utilising our knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, we can develop apps that work seamlessly across various platforms.

Mobile Web App Development

Given our experience in using web technologies, we can also develop apps that work within the browser of your phone. We can achieve the same look and feels as a native app but within the browser.

App Design (UX/UI)

User Experience (UX) is the most important aspect in any app development project and we understand that. Our team of app designers focus on user centric design while working on the User Interface (UI) of the mobile application. This results in an intuitive app interface that is user-friendly.

Thinking of developing an Android based mobile application? Get in touch with us at our Sydney office and talk to an expert Android App developer about your project.