iOS Apps

iOS is a mobile operating software launched by Apple in the year 2007 under the name of iPhone OS to be used specifically for the iPhone. The operating system was then renamed to iOS and is used across a range of Apple devices including iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. At the time of launch in 2007 there was no App store and the handset came loaded with basic apps such as Google Maps, Safari and iTunes.

Furthermore the users did not have the ability to multi-task between the apps, drag and move app icons to the homescreen, copy & paste text, attach files to email. However Apple did concentrate on user experience (capacitive touchscreen) while developing the first iPhone and revolutionised the way uses interacted with their devices, the capacitive touchscreen meant that uses could pinch & zoom and smooth scroll while using their devices.

There have been major updates to the core system since then and iOS has become one of their most popular operating systems in the world. At Websites ‘N’ More we have a team of expert iOS developers who can work with the iOS software development kit (SDK) and third party app development tools to produce stunning mobile applications.

We have refined our App development process over the years and user experience is at the core of what we do. We believe that it is the users that ultimately drive the success or failure of a mobile application so keeping this in mind we focus on designing stunning interfaces that produce the highest levels of user-experience.

Why choose iOS as a platform to develop a mobile application?


Being a closed platform iOS is considered more secure as compared to Android. Roughly 97% of malware written is aimed at the Android operating system as compared to 0.3% of malware for iOS. Furthermore Apple has also introduced certain security and privacy measures that make it very hard for hackers to break into the system.


According to recent statistics Apple app publishers earn more revenues as compared to Android publishers. One of the main reasons for this is that Apple targets more affluent/higher income users (5 times more spending power) as compared to Android. Also Apple users are considered more loyal towards the operating system as compared to any other mobile operating system available in the marketplace.

Target Market

Apple has a larger market share in America and Europe as compared to Android. If these two regions are your main target market then developing a iOS based mobile application is the way to go.

Type of App

You also need to consider the type of application that you are looking to create e.g. Gaming, e-Commerce, Utility. As an example if you are creating an eCommerce App then iOS is a better platform since data suggests that iOS users are more likely to make purchases on their phone.

Income Stream

If you are aiming at earning revenues from your mobile applications through in-app purchases or by charging per app download then iOS should be the first platform to develop an app. Data suggests that Apple users are 10% more likely to make in-app purchases as compared to Android users.

App Visibility

iOS based apps are only available through Apples iTunes store which was first launched in the year 2000 with the aim of distributing music to Apple users. The same platform was then got a makeover in 2008 to push out mobile applications. Given Apple’s experience, they were able to produce a platform for distributing apps that was very well organised, informative and therefore more user-friendly. Apps are positioned based on a highly advanced and complex algorithm that takes into account user ratings, download volumes and active users which allows for more visibility for an app if it is actually good.

iOS development services we provide include

Native App Development

Our iOS development team can develop native apps that are specifically developed using the iOS SDK. Using this development methodology ensures that the mobile application can take full advantage of the devices core features and produce high levels of user experience.

Cross Platform/Hybrid app development

Combining their knowledge of native app development with web development and utilising multi device development tools such as Phone Gap, Mosync, Titanium and Sencha, our team can develop cross platform or hybrid apps that can work seamlessly across various platforms including iOS.

Mobile Web App Development

Using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Ajax and JavaScript, our team of web/iOS developers can produce Web apps specifically for the Safari browser.

Mobile App Design (UX/UI)

We understand that the user interface plays a huge role in determining the user experience. Therefore our designers follow a user-centric approach while designing apps. Following a systematic approach while designing apps we can produce stunning user interfaces.

Want an iOS based mobile application developed? Get in touch with us at our Sydney office and talk to an expert iOS developer about your project.