Native Apps

Native mobile applications are developed specifically for a particular device or platform using the technologies and programming languages specific to that platform. There are mainly four platforms available in the market – iOS/OS X, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

The technologies and programming languages used during the app development process include, Apple – Objective C, Swift and Xcode, Android – Java and Eclipse, and Windows – C#, VB.NET or C/C++.

Native mobile applications are developed using an Integrated Development Environment or IDE, IDE is a software application that provides programmers a suitable environment to write codes, test and debug applications that they have created. Each platform i.e. Android, iOS and Windows have separate IDE’s.

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Some of the key advantages of choosing native app development as your app development methodology

Faster speeds and smoother to run

Native apps are built specifically for a particular platform such as Android or iOS and thus can make full use of the phones capabilities including its memory, processor and storage. This results in faster speeds and smoother experience for the user.

Make full use of device functionalities

Native apps can make full use of the features that are available on the device including the GPS, Phonebook, Compass, Camera, Voice Recorder or Video Recorder.

Better Graphics

Native apps can be used to create better graphics as compared to other types of apps. This is particularly important where the application is using large amounts of data with high refresh rates. E.g. Gaming apps, Live Tracking for Stock Market Indices etc.

Respond more quickly to UI gestures

Native apps generally respond better to user gestures such as pinches and swipes.

Better interaction with users

Native apps have the ability to send push notifications to users, this provides an opportunity to interact with users.

Overall Native mobile applications are considered better than Hybrid and Web applications because they result in higher levels of user experience and thus higher user engagement however this comes at a cost. Native apps are generally more expensive to build and maintain.

Since Native apps are built for specific platforms, each of them requires separate programming efforts. Also the process of submitting the Mobile app to the store can be a lengthy process without any guarantees for approval.

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