SEO Packages

At Websites ‘N’ More, we offer a range of SEO packages that can help your business gain visibility on search engines. The idea behind offering pre-packaged SEO services is to provide complete transparency about the activities that are carried out and establish well defined goals at the start of the campaign.

Our core focus while approaching each SEO campaign is on Return on Investment and we have a proven track record when it comes to SEO, 90% of the keywords that are being targeted for our clients are on Page 1. We follow a systematic approach towards SEO that produces results time after time.

What are the different SEO Packages that we offer?


From $ 499

  • 10 Keywords
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Page Optimisation (Minimal)
  • 10 hours of SEO activities per month
  • Google Suite Setup
  • Low Competition Keywords
  • Targeting customers locally
  • Local Citations – Up to 5 Per month
  • Social Media Setup not included
  • Monthly Ranking Reports
  • Phone, Email and Chat Support

SilverMost Popular

From $ 899

  • 20 Keywords
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Page Optimisation (Medium)
  • 15 hours of SEO activities per month
  • Google Suite Setup
  • Medium Competition Keywords
  • Targeting customers across multiple cities
  • Local Citations – Up to 10 Per month
  • Social Media Setup included (3 platforms)
  • Monthly Ranking Reports
  • Phone, Email and Chat Support


From $ 1399

  • 30 Keywords
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Page Optimisation (High)
  • 20 hours of SEO activities per month
  • Google Suite Setup
  • High Competition Keywords
  • Targeting customers nationally
  • Local Citations – Up to 20 Per month
  • Social Media Setup included (5 platforms)
  • Monthly Ranking Reports
  • Phone, Email and Chat Support

The main difference between each of these packages is the number of hours being dedicated to the campaign each month and the keywords selection for the campaign. For SEO campaigns targeting more than 40 Keywords please get in touch with us for a quote.

FAQ’s For SEO Packages

Which SEO Package is best for my needs?

Well this depends on the number of keywords you are looking to target in the campaign and the competition levels within the Industry you operate in. It is best you talk to our team of SEO consultants who can help you determine the best SEO package after conducting a brief analysis of your Industry from an SEO point of view.

Are there any lock-in contracts with your SEO Packages?

We like our clients to provide a 6 month commitment with a 3 month payment in advance prior to starting work on any SEO package. To keep things fair, we also provide our client an option to exit at 3 months if they are not satisfied with our SEO services for any reason. The reason why we prefer a commitment from our clients is because of the nature of work involved, SEO is a result driven service that requires constant (proactive) work such as link-building. If there are any breaks in the work-flow, this causes the rankings to fall thus not allowing us to produce results.

What is different in each of the SEO Packages that you offer?

The main difference between each of the SEO packages is the number of keywords that we target, which in turn determines the number of hours our SEO experts spend on each campaign. Another factor we take into account prior to recommending a particular SEO package is the level of competition from an SEO point of view in a particular Industry. If you operate within a high competition Industry then we will need to spend more hours in achieving Page 1 rankings.

How do I know that your SEO company is actually carrying out the work as promised at the start of the contract?

As a part of every SEO package we provide a detailed monthly report that covers all the activities that have been carried out during a particular month. Our SEO consultants also produce tracking sheets that contain a list of back-links that have been built for your website in any given month and share that with you as a part of our monthly report.

Do you provide any guarantees for achieving results?

The simple answer to this is NO. We cannot provide any guarantees for rankings whatsoever when it comes to SEO. This is because search engines are built using a proprietary algorithm and as such no one knows what factors are taken into account before providing a rank to a particular webpage. However search engines do provide a list of best practices for optimising a website and as such we do follow these guidelines while working on any SEO campaign.

Can I switch my SEO Package at anytime?

You can surely move up to a higher SEO package while we are in the middle of a campaign but you cannot downsize. This is because we block in and dedicate certain amount of resources for the duration of your campaign and if you downsize then this leads to wastage of resources for us and affects our bottom line.

Is content included as a part of the SEO Packages that you offer?

We generally don’t provide content as a part of any SEO package. This is a completely separate service and you can talk to your SEO consultant about our copywriting services.

Can you provide references of some of your other SEO clients?

You sure can, just ask a SEO consultant at our company and they will be happy to provide you some client references.

Will I get access to a dedicated SEO consultant for my SEO campaign?

Yes you will have a dedicated point of contact throughout the SEO campaign. They will be responsible for answering all your questions, signing paper-work and provide ongoing reports during the campaign.

Getting started with one of our SEO Packages

To get started one of our SEO consultant will work closely with you on various aspects including keyword selection, current rankings and provide a target time-frame to achieve Page 1 rankings for those keywords accordingly. A detailed SEO report will be produced at the start of the campaign which will include the following aspects;

Keyword Research

We will provide you a list of the most likely keywords that your target audience will be using while performing searches for products/services similar to what your business provides.

Competitor Analysis

This will provide you an overview of your main competitors on the search engines and the strategies that they are using to achieve those rankings. We will also provide you a backlink profile of one of the main competitors as this will help us determine the amount of work required during the campaign on off-page optimisation activities.

On Page and Off Page Analysis

This provides information on your website as it stands from an SEO point of view. This includes the current rankings, a detailed report of on-page and off page factors that affect the visibility of your website.

Action Plan

Finally we will provide you a systematic plan that will be followed during the SEO campaign along with a recommendation on which package will be the most suitable for your business.

What activities are carried out during a SEO Campaign?

Search Engines use a sophisticated algorithm to determine the rank of a website, there are roughly 200 factors including ranking signals that are used by this algorithm to determine the rank of a website. The activities carried out during an SEO campaign revolve around some of the main SEO factors which are listed below;

On-Page Optimisation Factors

Some of the main on-page optimisation factors include the presence of meta information including alt tags for images, relevant content that includes keywords and contains relevant H1 and H2 Tags, URL-rewriting, 301 re-directs, page load speed, presence of a sitemap, presence of a robot.txt file, resolving canonical issues, presence of internal links, a mobile responsive design, clear navigation in the header and footer of the website, presence of outbound links, presence of a blog that is updated regularly and social media links.

Off-Page Optimisation Factors

Some of the main off-page optimisation factors include presence of local citations, map/business listings across search engines, Industry specific outreach campaigns to build high authority links, guest blogging, setting up and maintaining an external blog, business profile creation on relevant third party websites, article creation and submission across various third party websites, classified submission and social media presence.

Would you like to know more about our SEO packages? Get in touch with us and we can provide you a detailed report on how we can improve your search engine visibility.