The Client

Ausbeds is a relatively young Sydney based mattress retailer with a strong emphasis on online selling and a storefront based in Marrickville, Sydney for customers who want to try before they buy. The company was established by two mates who grew up in families that ran traditional furniture retail operations; they wanted to use their knowledge to run a more modern retail operation that focused on web savvy, price conscious customers.

The Job

Ausbeds first approached Websites ‘N’ More in July 2014 in order to help them improve their search engine visibility and help them with increasing the websites conversion rate. This is one of the most projects we took on and provided a number of services in order to achieve the company’s online goals.

The following work has been undertaken in order to improve the company’s online visibility and increase their conversion rates;

Website Design

The project was kicked off by redesigning the website on the WordPress CMS as it provided more flexibility to run an ecommerce operation as compared to the Joomla platform. The website was made responsive and a lot of emphasis was given to improve the overall user-experience in order to get more conversions. Drawing from the sales funnel approach for web design the owners decided to narrow down their mattress range to only 3 mattresses. Each mattress was unique (firmness & body weight), suitable for a particular body-type and allowed users of the website to make a quick decision rather than scroll through n number of different models which only lead to more confusion. The lesser the better was the mantra here and it worked very well for the company. Some of the other aspects we concentrated on while re-designing the website included responsive design, clean user interface, clear navigation, security and a simple checkout.

System Integration

Our web development team connected the company’s inventory management system and accounting software with the website using custom API’s. This reduced the time spent by the workers on inventory related activities and streamlined their overall operations.

SEO Campaign

After re-launching the website we started the SEO campaign for Ausbeds. Some of the keywords we selected for the campaign included, Mattress Sydney, Mattress Sale, Online Mattress Sale, Buy Mattress Online. After 6 months of our efforts the website gained visibility on the search engines with 90% of the keywords on Page 1 of search engines. This increased the unique clicks that the website received and as of November 2016 the website received 1450 clicks from their organic listings.

Re-marketing Campaign

To compliment the SEO campaign we setup a re-marketing campaign for Ausbeds using Adroll. The aim of the campaign was to target website visitors who did not complete a purchase on the website. As of November 2016 the banners generate more than 2000 impressions in a month with a click through rate of 2% on an average.

PPC Campaign

As a part of our online marketing efforts we also setup a Google Shopping campaign for the company in order to increase brand visibility and attract highly targeted traffic on the website. We fine tuned the campaign to achieve a low cost per click and setup specific landing pages for each of the products that were being displayed on the ads in order to achieve a high conversion rate. The campaign has been very successful with the website receiving more than 200 clicks per month.

The Result

Ausbeds is our longest standing client (2.5 years +), the website and the digital marketing campaign has completely evolved over the past few years and as such Ausbeds are very happy with the overall results. Working with Ausbeds has has been a huge learning curve for our development and digital marketing team as well.

As of November 2016 the website attracted more than 3000 unique hits per month with organic search being the highest performing source of traffic.

Client’s Feedback

“Thanks for all your help this year the website is getting approximately 12 times as many uniques compared to a year ago, I’m pretty happy with that. Adroll is good, I’ve just started but i can see the potential.. I’m getting a 12.5 % click through rate and its super cheap. AdWords is up and I’m still tweaking based on your last set of suggestions but all looks very good.”