Monday, January 8, 2018, Google through its webmaster blog announced that it will now roll out the beta version of the Google Search Console to all users. The new come 5 months after the Search Console was released to a limited amount of users. Here is what you can expect to see in terms of functionality in the all new dashboard:

1. Search Performance with access to a Larger Data Set

If you are an SEO Consultant, chances are the existing Search Console would have got you frustrated at some point given the limited amount of data that was visible on the dashboard and not to forget the “Not Provided” section on Google Analytics Reports.
The good news is that Google has now provided access to 16 months of data when it comes to performance reports. This essentially means that an SEO can analyse trends over a much longer period of time thus helping them make better decisions for their search campaigns. Google confirmed that this data will also be made available through the Search Console API.

2. In-depth Reporting on Indexing

The new Search Console will also provide users more information on Indexing. This includes information about correctly indexed URL’s, warnings about potential issues and reasoning behind why a particular URL is not being indexed. An issue tracking functionality will also be integrated into the new dashboard that will provide users notifications about any new issues that arise and allow them to monitor the overall status of their websites indexation.
This will surely allow SEO’s and Web Developers to stay on top of any issues can affect the rankings of a website and take action more swiftly.
Here are a few more features that you can expect to find as a part of the new dashboard:

a) Ability to Share Indexation Reports.
b) In-depth Reporting and Fixes to an Issue.
c) Ability to check if an Issue has been fixed using Validate Fix function.
d) Introduction of a Sitemap Filter that will provide the ability to focus on particular URLs.

3. More Information about Structured Data and Accelerated Mobile Page

Given the recent push by Google towards improving overall User Experience through projects such as AMP or integration of structured data for SERP’s (Google for Jobs), they have decided to help webmasters further by providing in-depth information (AMP Report & Job Postings Report) about how their website is doing when it comes to these areas. You can also expect to see the following two features as a part of the enhancements made to the new Console:

a) Introduction of Validate Fix functionality that will allow a webmaster to check if they have correctly solved an issue. The reports will be generated almost instantaneously by using the functionality.
b) Introduction of a Validation Log that will allow users to get a comprehensive report on the issues and provide a clear distinction between fixed and pending issues.

Finally, Google is going to keep working on the new search console throughout this year and as always is happy to get any user feedback.

Source- Google Webmaster Blog