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Google Web Stories Plugin Now Available For WordPress

What are Google web stories?

A part of the AMP project (initially called AMP stories), web stories were announced in mid-2018 as a new visual storytelling format that had specifically been built for mobile users.

Storytelling that is full-screen, fast-loading with an emphasis on images, animations and videos rather than text.

A web story can typically have 10 words per page and a maximum of 30 pages per story. Think of it as PowerPoint slides if you may like. Users can flick through pages with a tap, making it easier for them to comprehend or digest the information presented within the web story.

What are the benefits of using web stories?

Utilising web stories to connect with your audience can have a number of benefits including:

Where will web stories appear?

Web stories can appear in a number of different ways on Google search, Google Maps, Discover and Google App.

The format that these stories might take can be in the form of a grid, carousel, search result , an image or a rich-card.

How to create a web story?

A web story can be created using the guide provided on the AMP dev website but keep in mind that you will need basic coding skills (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in order to get the job done.

If you own a WordPress website then there is some good news. Google has recently launched a plugin that provides an easy-to-use builder. It should be noted that this plugin is currently in beta phase.

Testing the new WordPress Web Stories Plugin

We decided to give the Beta version of the plugin a test-run and things went pretty smooth.

The interface is easy to use and quite intuitive. Currently, you have the option to add images, videos, text and basic shapes utilising the plugin.

You can preview the work as you move along creating a story and edit the permalink. Finally, you can choose how the story progresses (page advancement) and at what interval.

To download the plugin and view a tutorial checkout this GitHub link ā€“

This is just the start; it will be interesting to see what the future holds when it comes to web stories. Will web stories be the new blogs, at least for mobile users?

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